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Rectangular Vent:

· Metal Soffit Vents.  Better Built Barns DOES NOT install them in the walls because they can leak down the wall with a driving rain.  We ONLY install these vents in the  buildings with at least 12" eaves.
Rain Gutters:

· All rain gutters are white aluminum continuous run gutters with downspouts.  We only offer the gutters up to a 22’ length.  

Roll-Up Doors:

· Roll Up Doors REQUIRE at least a 7 ft wall height building.  The door with a 7 ft wall-height building can only be placed on the end.  The Roll Up Door can be placed on the side-wall if the building is    upgraded to an 8 ft wall height.  For framing/space on the sides of the Roll-Up Door there must be at least 1 ½ ft of wall space on either side of the Roll-Up Door.

*Note: With a heavy driving rain the Roll-up doors occasionally have rain come in through the rails on the frame.  They should be placed on the wall of the building that the wind and weather will hit the least. 

General Requirements for Options Spacing:

· You would be safe to allow 16 INCHES from each corner to the option and also between options.  If you have a request from a customer to put items closer than the 16 INCHES spacing, you will need to call one of the BETTER BUILT BARNS representatives to assist you on figuring out what is the most space that you have for that particular scenario.